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My LN4 Lv6 The Plane Crash Amiga track got SECOND place in the Music category during the Amiga Art Contest 2022 event that was.

This is the track.

Look what I made! / Re: Temple of the Dark Sky EP
« on: August 19, 2022, 01:17:14 »
Truly impressive work! Keep it up, mate! :)

Look what I made! / My Last Ninja 4 Amiga music popular on YouTube
« on: August 19, 2022, 00:51:49 »
Hi there, folks! Sorry for have been silent during the summer. Firstly, I and my family had to move into a new home my brother and I bought recently. Been living in the new house for 3 months now and all going well so far. Now to the topic.

I have spent a lot of time doing the fictional Last Ninja 4 Amiga music, dubbed LN4. On my HKvalhe channel at YouTube, my LN4 Amiga music has become popular. I plan to release a packed MOD collection of the first 6 Amiga tracks for the Phillipines levels
of the fictional LN4 game, and the other 7 Amiga tracks for the Brisbane levels when they are completed. I'm using the NSM patched version of OctaMED SoundStudio v1.03c with the PPC native version of TheMaestrix AHI tool for my AmigaOS4 system, that is AmigaOne 500 aka SAM460ex. Soon to move over to my new AmigaOne X5000!

Firstly, I have reworked both LN4 Lv1 and Lv2 tracks. Lv3 remains the same, being very atmospheric. Lv4 and Lv5 been released as well, all of them on YouTube.

Especially the LN4 Intro, Lv4 and Lv5, have gotten great feedback and ratings.

Just wanted you to know, if you're interesting. The Cover pantings done by myself as well, with the PPC native version of Personal Paint 7.3c.

Take care

Best regards

Look what I made! / An explanation of my LN4 LvX Amiga tracks
« on: May 19, 2022, 00:43:23 »
As most of you might know from before. My name is Helge Kvalheim aka HKvalhe (was also called Helgis in the past) and I am from Norway. Been a great Amiga fan since 1987 and have owned a couple of different Amigas. Mostly 3 Amiga 1200 systems, which the third one become a Blizzard PPC Tower system, then AmigaOne G3 and G4-XE and now both AmigaOne 500 aka SAM460ex (had for soon 10 years) and recently, the top model AmigaOne X5000 Dual Core 64-bit PPC version. I have been working with Amiga music actively since 2018, and really enjoy it. Ok, now to the point.

These days, I am working on Amiga music for a FICTIONAL Amiga game called "Last Ninja 4". You have seen me coming up with names on my tracks, like LN4 Menu, LN4 Intro, LN4 GameOver, LN4 Lv1, LN4 Lv2, LN4 Lv3. I will try to explain these a little so that there are no mistakes. First of all, they will be composed by me on my new AmigaOne X5000/20 computer. LN4 Lv4 - The City Of Phillipines is most likely to be my very FIRST where this new AmigaOne X5000 is used to compose the music, by using OctaMED SoundStudio for Amiga. The LN4 Amiga tracks are like these:

* LN4 Menu (represents a short Amiga track for the Menu screen of the game)
* LN4 Intro (The Intro or rather the main LN4 THEME before running the game itself)
* LN4 GameOver (An own Death Scene Amiga track to play for the fictional LN4)
* LN4 Lv1 (The shortname for The Phillipines Island in the fictional LN4 Amiga game)
* LN4 Lv2 (The Abanded Academy Of Phillipines in the fictional LN4 Amiga game)
* LN4 Lv3 (The Underground Cavern of Phillipines in the fictional LN4 Amiga game)
* LN4 Lv4 (The City Of Phillipines in LN4)
* LN4 Lv5 (The Phillipines Airport in LN4)
* LN4 Lv6 (The Plane Crash in LN4)
* LN4 Lv7 (The Brisbane Jungle in LN4)
* LN4 Lv8 (Boattrip To Brisbane in LN4)
* LN4 Lv9 (The Brisbane Prison Basement in LN4)
* LN4 Lv10 (Brisbane Skycraper Main Floor in LN4)
* LN4 Lv11 (Brisbane Wrong Skycraper in LN4)
* LN4 Lv12 (Shogun's Brisbane Skycraper in LN4)
* LN4 Lv13 (Shogun's Secret Brisbane Sanctum in LN4)
* LN4 Outtro (The very END GAME Amiga track for LN4)

All tracks are not done yet, but they will look like these. This list should be easy to remember when seeing these names on the pending screen. Thank you :)

Best regards
Helge Kvalheim aka HKvalhe

Sampling / Looking for C64 samples for Amiga!
« on: May 13, 2022, 01:13:12 »
Hi there folks! I am using an NSM patched version of OctaMED SoundStudio v1.03c with a PPC native version of TheMaestrix on a true PPC Amiga, as AmigaOne 500 aka SAM460ex and AmigaOne X5000/20 (the latter one to be more used in the future).

However, I am looking for C64 samples, preferable in WAV, to use with OctaMED SoundStudio v1.03c. C64 sounds like the Arpeggigo, different C64 Bass, Strings, drums. Many of these that made those famous Last Ninja music from the C64 version of the games.

Any direct links would be welcome and appreciated :)

Best regards
Helge Kvalheim aka HKvalhe

Look what I made! / My uploaded MED songs so far ;)
« on: May 01, 2022, 16:57:52 »
Hi folks! Want to share with you my current collection of different MED tunes I have composed on my AmigaOne 500 aka SAM460ex, running the NSM patched version of OctaMED SoundStudio v1.03c, using latest PPC native version of TheMaestrix AHI tool and high quality samples, except for songs like Endless Road and Saxophone, as they are based on real 16bit Amiga samples! Most of my mods are from the fictional Amiga game - Last Ninja 4 (hence the shortname LN4). Rate them if you want to. That would make me happy. Here you go. Link below!

@Saga Music
Thanks for explaining. I'm relatively new on this site, but could shorten some samples. I haven't played Hiroshima for a long while, so I need to take a look on that track. Using the Sample Editior of OctaMED SoundStudio v1.03c should be fairly simple. I use it especially with my voice samples, after improving them in Audacity on PC.

I will try as you suggested for future references. Thanks again :)

By the way, it was that long, pointless rain sample that was too big alone a sample file. This should in fact just be removed or replaced with a much shorter, identical intro for the Hiroshima track :)

@Saga Musix
Thank you so much for explaining. I suppose by optimizing a sample, you mean trying to use compression methods to lower the size of it, or rather taking the whole song and try to use compression methods, like those in OctaMED SoundStudio. I can compress as BZIP, as I have a PPC OS4 native version of that. Very efficient and should allow it to be compact.

Sometimes, within a module like that of MED, Cross Echo is also sometimes used, and 16bit true samples, especially stereo, are twice to quadruple the size of 8bit mono samples, so that do say a little! However, it's not impossible to keep size down as possible through some great compression methods, without sacrifying the quality.

Please remove Hiroshima from rejected. It's not ever likely to be uploaded at all, and the samples are not smart used. I rather focus on these new releases of mine, which is more interesting.

Saxophone should be well under the limit request of uncompressed size of 15MB, being nearly 8MB without compression. I'm starting to understand the point with compression in this situation. I will of course bear that in mind.

Thanks for explaining. Looking forward to see Saxophone succesfully accepted ;)

Best wishes
Helge Kvalheim aka HKvalhe

Look what I made! / My new Saxophone MED track is nearly 8MB big!
« on: March 17, 2022, 00:05:24 »
Hello, I am a Norwegian Amiga owner and user. I own an AmigaOne 500 aka SAM460ex. I use a NSM patched version of OctaMED SoundStudio v1.03c, together with a PPC native AHI tool called TheMaestrix, as well as true 16bit stereo samples found around the net.

I have completed composing a new Amiga track, called Saxophone. 16bit 4ch Club R&B Jazz composed by myself. The problem is that the MED file is nearly 8MB WITHOUT compression.

Therefore, I need to ask if I should compress it with BZIP and pack the mod as ZIP or something?

Would appreciate any help I can get. Thanks for accepting me here :)

Best wishes
Helge Kvalheim aka HKvalhe

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