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NitroTracker Support / Re: Typical tracker effects on the way?
« on: September 10, 2009, 00:34:58 »
BTW Just wanted to say Nitrotracker looks awesome and very promising.  I got it working last night (freaking took forever to get my SClite firmware updated - SC site didn't say that the .bin update has to be the ONLY FILE on your microSD card!!!),  but I was able to immediately start creating some stuff because the GUI is actually quite straightforward (overall).  It helps that I've used a handful of different trackers over the years, of course.

Let me know if you need another tester as I think this app has lots of potential and is already quite solid, and I'd be glad to help try and break things (and help make those things no longer breakable) :)

NitroTracker Support / Typical tracker effects on the way?
« on: September 10, 2009, 00:04:48 »
Curious if you're planning to implement the typical tracker effects like arpeggio, pitch bend, tremolo, and that sort of stuff?   That was one thing I was hoping for.

Another insanely rad feature would be the ability to draw your own waveforms.

Of course, I also realize it takes a lot of time to develop that sort of stuff.  But I'm just voicing my interest in those features! :)

Oh, yeah I actually grabbed the music files from

The "agony2.xm" on  is not the same song (I grabbed it at first, and was totally confused.  In fact, the agony2.xm on this site was apparently not even used - Or at least, i assume so since it's in the "unused" folder in the .lha of songs from  ... OK, kind of run-on-sentence,but I'm in the middle of a ton of things right now. haha

And yeah, that dude is 100% entitled to royalties.  Not only that but he can sue due to the copyright infringement aspect...  but yeah, it'd be a real hassle.  It helps to have a friend who's a lawyer, in those kind of cases, for sure...

Ahh I found this Youtube vid with a great side by side of the songs.

All links no longer working :( I was interested to hear this!  heh  ;)

MilkyTracker News / Re: Port round-up
« on: May 15, 2009, 02:09:04 »
Regarding which version of OS X to run on an old G3,  I recommend OS X 10.3.   It's actually the best performing. I'm running 10.3.9 on my Rev. A Bondi Blue iMac G3, and it actually runs very nicely.   10.2 is actually slower!     Just thought I'd add my $0.02,  even though this thread is quite old by now.  ;)

The Lobby / Re: Another song stolen, this time Dj Dean
« on: March 13, 2008, 20:56:44 »
As I just said over on TiS after reading m0d's post there, the bassline in question has been used over and over again on various dance tracks throughout the years, and it's likely it'll get used again. It's a very simple bassline, and hell, I think I've even come up with it myself in the past. Purely co-oincidence... As for the panpipe, how many of us HAVEN'T used it in the past?

So yep, I'm perched firmly on the fence.

Well, that's not all that's strikingly similar, man.  The higher lead synth that fades in at around 0:17 in DJ Dean's version is a pretty clear derivative of the lead in the original song (non-remixed one), which you can find starting at about 1:31 in the original song..   It's the same notes, just with a slightly different pace to it.  It's pretty unmistakable as being the same tune, in my opinion.

OK, turns out "4th Directive" / "Fourth Directive" is a song by "matrix cubed" who was/is a member of Ultrabeat, Plasm and Chill Productions.   But, I can't find the module at all.  I guess at last resort I can try to find him personally, but that might not be very easy.  Gunna continue searching for the module, for now...

The Lobby / Re: Another song stolen, this time Dj Dean
« on: March 13, 2008, 08:40:21 »
Yeah, I posted a comment on this other one that seems to have more plays and comments:

You sohuld mod my comment up so fans of DJ assclown (er i mean Dean) can't mod me into oblivion..

Tracking / Re: How do you choose samples for your song?
« on: March 13, 2008, 06:46:58 »
I have never really used samples made by other people, other than when first messing around with a tracker in 2000 or so, which was the first time I had made music on the computer.  Even then, I started very very quickly synthesizing my own sounds with Absynth (which by the way was a pretty crappy experience, I found the program really arcane or something).

These days I produce full songs in Logic and have not touched trackers in about 7 years,  until just last week when I found MilkyTracker and realized trackers are a lot cooler than I thought, years ago.

Regardless, even now, if I keep working in MilkyTracker (as a side project,  since I require a full DAW+hardware studio for my band),  I will be synthesizing my own samples with my hardware synths.  I've got a pretty diverse set of synths that can create some very very nice sounds, and frankly I wouldn't feel good about using sounds someone else made.    For me,  what's the point in doing some creative artistic work, if I'm working off someone else's product?  I can understand using some samples of, some 303 squelch, or something,  but even then, I will make that myself anyways, and give it my own unique touch, with some extra modulation or who knows what.

That said, I also set extremely high standards for myself , and how I go about doing things, so this probably isn't that common of a perspective in the tracking scene... I don't know, though. I've never had even the slightest involvement in "the scene", until the last week or so.  ;)

The only samples I still use today are a small handful of nice simple drum sounds, which I actually re-shape and modify very excessively to fit my tastes.  :)

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