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Topics - Saga Musix

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Feedback & Suggestions / [Rejected] Uploading files from servers
« on: October 12, 2006, 15:16:48 »
I don't know if you will like this idea, m0d, but at least I do. I saw this when visiting Do ya think it is possible to upload MODs from other websites? This would be a good features especially for dial-up or isdn-users (like me^^) who upload their songs in their own website but don't want to upload them twice...

Tracking / Interesting Stuff: Scratching
« on: August 16, 2006, 00:37:13 »
I discovered an interesting technique, how to made cool scratching FX...

Code: [Select]

C-5 01 e08 S9F
... .. e08 ...
... .. f08 S9E
... .. F08 ...

you can exchange the S9F and S9E, you can change the Exx / Fxx values and other things to variy this Scratch Forward-Backward example ... please note that it only works with MPT... in IT, you can use bidi loops instead of the S9E/F command, though...

i've prepared an example at (link invalid) ... enjoy ^^

The Lobby / Converter SF2 -> DLS and back
« on: August 11, 2006, 21:08:36 »
hello, i'm searching for a conversion tool dls->sf2 (downloadable soundbank -> soundfont 2) / sf2->dls, but i did't find anything yet. does anyone know a good program?

The Lobby / Some other spammy topic: Your Fav-mods
« on: August 07, 2006, 15:32:25 »
this is a thread for tha mods which are closest to your heart...
to make the choice a bit easer and the list a bit shorter, mention only one module per composer, please.

my favourite modules are:

1) necros - mechanism 8 (mech8.s3m)
2) zanoma - world of peace (
3) Poison Mick Ivy - Upstream Waterfall (upstream.s3m)
4) ? - doom-tune softmix 97 (doommix3.xm)
5) A3F - Trance Nation (
6) Poldi - Head On (head_on.xm, not from TMA)

Now some mods which i can't really put into an order:

Purple Motion - Second Reality (2nd_pm.s3m)
Shere Kahn - Mecha Shan - Flesh And Steel (mechasha.xm, not from TMA)
JJJ - Call Me An Angel (JJJ-ANGL.S3M)
mystical - Stomping on Elephantus (m-stomp_ok.s3m)
Oracle Soul - Raven (
Allister Brimble - Overdrive (Title) (can't be found on ModArchive, game muzak)
david newman - ignite (ignite.xm)
Anubis - Soul Inside (
sidewinder - in the eyes (intheeye.mod)
jogeir liljedahl - the wanderer II (wander2.mod)
minomus - Trance After Tranquility (

my favourite composers are necros, zanoma and poison mick ivy ... at the moment 8-)

Help me find that... / [Solved] Looking for demo stuff
« on: August 05, 2006, 21:43:51 »
i look for 2 demos from which i have the modules...
1) i got the "ssi intro tune" by purple motion, but i can't find this intro. did it ever exist? if yes,does anyone have it?
2) i got the the module of the "then and now" demo, but i didn't find it as well. does the demo really exist?

Tracking / Wanna make your own Chip Samples? Use vChip!
« on: June 12, 2006, 21:51:24 »
Hey everbody!

i've programmed a little and nice tool in the past few weeks with which you can create cool chip-like samples (up to 800 samples long :) )
you can downlaod it at there's more information at, but  that site is unfortunately on german. but my proggy is in english, don't panic :)

have phun!

The Lobby / Information about WAV format
« on: May 29, 2006, 21:49:20 »
Hi everybody,

does anybody know how to implement the special string fields which are included at the bottom of each wav file that's saved by ModPlug as a sample?  
i thought i have the structure, but modlpug doesn't recognize my own definitions... i copied the structure of a sample into another and adjusted the RIFF lenght at bytes 5 to 8, but it didn't work.
does anyone have proper information?

Tracking / [Search] Kewl Dance / Techno Bass
« on: May 25, 2006, 21:37:01 »
hello, i own a Yamaha CS1x, but it hasn't the bass that I search...

i look for a HQ bass (44KHz, 16 bit!) which sounds like the cool bass in Mr.Vain by culture beat / La Bouche or other La Bouche Songs.... does anyone own such an cool electronic bass sample?

Help me find that... / [Solved] Epic Pinball Music
« on: April 23, 2006, 21:12:03 »
Well, I read this thread in the Rip Reports and now I have a question :)

Does anybody have the program with which i can open PSM files (epic pinball, jazz jackrabbit 1)? Modplug can't handle the main menu music and the music which comes at the end of the unregistered e.p. version (some bugs in patterns...), and i like those muzaks sooo much :) i was able to repair the major part of those patterns, but they're still incomplete...

so i ask? with which programm can i open psm files (i didn't find "Pro Tracker Studio"  :? )... or for instace: has anybody those files in s3m or a similar format?


Look what I made! / Unreal Scene!
« on: March 13, 2006, 20:57:06 »
Here is it, the song which took me 5 months to finish:

Unreal Scene

It is the sequel to Safari Trip which can also be found on my site (see below).

Both songs have this jungle feeling... but Unreal Scene is even more amazing!

I hope you like this song and i look forward to seeing some small reviews :)

And here's the link:
Get it!

-Jojo  :)

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