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Tracking / Re: OpenMPT MIDI export - "double time" tempo
« on: September 23, 2019, 22:16:58 »
That's good to know, thanks. I'll try pre-sending my program changes and see if that tidies things up.

Does what "track" (tracker channel) a note is on make any difference to the MIDI export? I have some stuff where some instruments "track hop" in the module. Each one has its own MIDI program # & MIDI channel. So on a single track in the module you might get something like this:

C-5, MIDI program 50, channel 1
A#4, MIDI program 32, channel 2
F-4, MIDI program 50, channel 1


How does MPT export this?
I know I "should" give each MIDI channel its own tracker track, but I've converted some old sample-based modules and that's just how they were written.

(Typically I don't re-use MIDI channels for different programs doing GM. In the case of MT-32 or FB-01 modules where I only have 8 channels to work with, sometimes.)

Tracking / Re: OpenMPT MIDI export - "double time" tempo
« on: September 21, 2019, 11:10:15 »
Just getting back to these songs. Thanks! That worked, and I ended up converting them to mptm to get Accurate tempo too. It's a much better way to generate .mids than how I was previously doing it.

If you're wondering what I'm doing with my MIDI-modules, well, this (also video, but the first link is better because I fixed a big DJ flub in the middle.) 100% Impulse Tracker General MIDI, converted to .mid in OpenMPT and mixed live on stage in Ableton. :P

I'm still having a slight issue with SOME synths stuttering when playing these, and I think the reason is this: in 'tracker land', every note-on is accompanied by a program change (instrument #), even when it's not necessary. Some GM synths aren't bothered by this, like my SC-55 and Korg 05R/W, but my (much newer) JV-1010 chokes when a bunch of notes (& program change commands) hit at once. Not sure if there's anything that can be done about it, aside from importing the .mid into a DAW and doing a ton of editing after the fact.

It would be nice if I could set one program for each TRACK, to be sent at the start of the song, and have OMPT just not export program changes with note-ons... is that possible?

The Lobby / Re: Best portable trackers in 2019
« on: August 27, 2019, 03:46:00 »
Have you checked out PixiTracker? It's by the same author as SunVox but it's more of a conventional sample-based tracker, and unlike some of the other options, it is made to be usable on a tablet. It's not super powerful, but pretty good for a 'musical sketchpad' IMHO.

Tracking / OpenMPT MIDI export - "double time" tempo
« on: August 25, 2019, 22:29:18 »
I've written a few modules in "double time", e.g. using 3@130 for 32nd note granularity at 130BPM instead of 16th notes. I've been using OpenMPT to export these to MIDI.

The .mid files OpenMPT outputs have a baked in tempo of 260BPM if I do this, which makes it annoying to open them in DAW software (especially when I'm trying to mix songs in "single time" and "double time".)

Is there a way to get MPT to set the tempo correctly, but keep the song timing as it is?

The Lobby / Re: Best portable trackers in 2019
« on: August 25, 2019, 22:21:06 »
Maybe not the answer you're looking for, but I grabbed a 2010-ish netbook (Asus Eeepc) for $30, threw on a barebones Windows XP install, and a whole bunch of composition tools - Schism Tracker, Milky, OpenMPT, DefleMask, Audacity, some MIDI editors, etc. It does everything I want, has actual line in & headphone out jacks, and the tough plastic construction means I can just chuck it into a backpack and drag it where-ever.

I've actually "DJed" shows running two of these through a DJ mixer & fx box. Schism makes a perfect DJ tool if you ask me.

IMHO you'll have tons more fun using trackers with a physical keyboard (even a cramped one) than any kind of touch screen tablet. It's just what they were made for.

The Lobby / Re: MAZ-Sound CDs
« on: June 28, 2019, 20:58:30 »
It'd be nice if he released #1 Instruments into the wild as it's not being sold anymore and used copies are impossible to find. IIRC there was some good stuff on there. I hit him up by email after the store closed and he still had a few copies, but I had a big mess to sort out with my Paypal at the time & I never got around to buying one. That was years ago though.

Please post back if you get in touch.

Hey all! Been a while since I've been on here.

I'm looking for a utility that can take an S3M or IT module and re-arrange all the note data to put each sample/instrument on its own channel.

I.e. it moves all notes using Instrument 1 onto Channel 1, Inst 2 to Ch. 2, etc.

It'd be nice if it uses *some* intelligence in assigning channels to handle simultaneous hits of the same instrument, but not critical for the simple tracks I'm dealing with. None of the modules I'm interested in using this on have more than 32 instruments so that shouldn't be a problem.

Does this exist? I'm remastering some old stuff from back in the day & this would make my life a lot easier.

Tracking / Re: Workflow for composing adlib s3m
« on: April 17, 2016, 05:15:30 »
The track I'm working on is already an s3m, but it wouldn't take too long to re-write in something else (it's 4 patterns long. :P) Does VGM support samples?

I was *vaguely* hoping to release this as an s3m or other oldschool format but I'm not married to the idea. The actual thing I'm using it in will need an mp3/ogg/whatever file anyway.

@Saga - that's a really cool looking VSTi that I wasn't aware of. Gonna have to play with it some. The OSX build is still pretty experimental though.

I actually thought of another solution: work in IT and use an external MIDI device for FM. (Specifically my Yamaha CX5M-II running MIDISlav.) Might try that.

Tracking / Workflow for composing adlib s3m
« on: April 16, 2016, 22:15:54 »
Right, so it turns out ST3 is littered with bugs. Gasp! Who knew?!

I'm trying to make some hybrid FM + digi tunes but I haven't hit on a process that really works. The biggest issue for me is creating or browsing saved instruments tends to corrupt the display (but surprisingly this doesn't seem to affect the module being edited, if you save it & reload it's fine.)

Schism works but the playback isn't right (like at all.) Right now my process is to have ST3 running on Dosbox and Schsim open side-by-side. I can browse modules for likely instruments with Schism, save them out, load them into *my* module, save it, and jump back to ST3 to edit or see what they actually sound like.

Is there a better way to do this? Is there any other tracker that can write hybrid modules that I'm not aware of?

(Note: before anyone says "CDFM" the point is I'm trying to *avoid* aggrivating bugs and crashes. So not that. :P )

Feedback & Suggestions / Digitrakker mdl files
« on: June 28, 2015, 12:31:48 »
Let's say, hypothetically, some crazy musician, who may or may not be myself, has an obsessive fetish for this lovely tracker, and intends to finish some tunes in it in upcoming times. Would it be possible to add support to upload them here?

I also have a few nice 'historic' MDLs that are right now only available on FTP sites that could probably be uploaded for archival reasons.

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