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Policy regarding removal of modules

The policy

This policy document is intended to draw the guidelines for cases where a composer wants one or more of their modules to be deleted from the server. This does not happen very often but should still be regulated by a consistent policy. This document is a work in progress and may be expanded with other reasons for or against removal.

This is a policy, it is not part of our Terms nor part of our Upload Agreement. This document merely outlines how we handle requests of the nature reflected below. The Mod Archive reserves the right to change this document at any time without prior notification.

The Mod Archive aims to be a complete archive of good quality sequenced computer music, both historic and contemporary, with the purpose of documenting and preserving what would otherwise risk being lost and forgotten. Because of this, requests for material to be removed from the archive are always met with great hesitation, and such removal is never done lightly. If you are considering requesting your modules to be removed, you are urged to reconsider and let your work continue to contribute to the ongoing project.

Modules will not be deleted if:

  • Their composer has released them in the past but now changes their mind about them, for whatever reason. It is impossible to "unspread" what has been placed into the public domain. It is also a very bad idea to try and revise history.

  • Their composer was the person who uploaded the file to The Mod Archive. All licenses (the ModArchive license, all CC licenses and public domain) grant an irrevocable right to share the uploaded work.

  • Their composer is dissatisfied that instrument texts contained within the module are displaying information they no longer wish to share. We will gladly hide the instrument texts from the website (and in turn search engines) if you ask us to do so, but the module file itself will not be modified. We offer to modify sample texts also within the file itself if the composer is put at immediate personal risk by the instrument texts contained within the module. While we are in no way obliged to comply with such a request according to our upload agreement, module texts can be hidden from search engines and public view if the verified composer presents sufficient reason (i.e risk of personal injury) to warrant such modification to the database.

Modules will be deleted if:

  • They have not yet been released by their composer and have been leaked by someone without authorization to release them. This is under the assumption that the leak is attended to within a reasonable amount of time. If the module has been circulating for years already, it is considered to be released no matter if it was unauthorized from the beginning.

  • They have been released by their composer with an agreement of distribution exclusivity with a certain site. Such an agreement should be reflected within the module itself or at least on the site holding the agreement, and it must have been in force when the module was added to The Mod Archive, not created afterwards. It is also assumed that the module is not available to the public in any other way than from the site with the distribution agreement. We will not accept having The Mod Archive singled out among other sites in breach of such an agreement.

Further to the above, the requester will naturally have to convince us in some reasonable way that they really are the creator of the modules in question, and not just some random person wanting to cause damage to the archive. After that, and after certain criteria has been fulfilled (which will be communicated should such requests be made) the modules will be deleted from the main server as soon as possible, and from the mirrors within the next 24 hours.

This article was contributed by Coma, community member.