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The Mod Archive Torrents

What are torrents?

In the context of our torrents, the torrents are snapshots of the archive put up onto the Peer to Peer file sharing network. We have our own torrent tracker which allows you to connect and establish a download from the other people on the network who are sharing the (huge) files.

Why torrents?

We established the torrents as a means to enable mass-downloading of the archive without giving our limited resources (webservers) the burden.

How do I get the torrents?

You may download the torrents from http://tracker.modarchive.org, you will need a Torrent client to download the actual file archives. You should search the Internet or check the article posted by a community member to find a suitable one if you do not yet already have one.

Do you have a description of the current torrents being served?

Yes, you may find it here: Our Current Torrent Information

Are these torrents legal?


Will you be making full snapshots each year?


Will you be making update snapshots?

Updates may be made available around the beginning of a new year depending on whether the torrent uptake is worthy of the resources and effort put into making them.

So far torrent uptake has been massive, and to a degree successful. However, this has overshadowed by the fact many of the downloads were leached without being shared back to the network - meaning the majority of the bandwidth burden has been laid upon the core seeding servers provided by jantore.

This is a pity, and one of the reasons why we do not pander to people's demands for more frequent torrent updates. However, I think it's suffice to say that yearly is frequent enough! :)

How do I download the files?

Use a BitTorrent client. See this article for some assistance in selecting one.