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I guess it also doesn't help that refuting a claim is a very intimidating process in particular if it's not even your own music that is being misidentified - if I remember correctly, YouTube asks for some legal information which may be very off-putting for many people to go through the process. Can you even refute the claim if you don't own the rights to the actual song being played these days?

The resurfaced album is still up, but this time distributed through Routenote rather than Ditto Music. Maybe it's worth contacting Routenote about this matter. Would you be up for that, Ceekayed?
Maybe also tell them that you demand to get the full contact data of the uploader of the infringing material, saying that you consider legal actions against the uploader. If they give you that, we could figure out if it's the same guy that also uploaded my tracks.
The process was really straightforward with Feiyr, so I'm sure not all distributors are as unreasonable as Ditto. If they are, it might be worth saying that they will hear from your lawyer if they don't look into it, maybe that will get them started. :)

PC Players / Re: Best XMPlayer-like player for Linux?
« on: January 23, 2021, 14:36:11 »
As far as the UI goes it's even better than XMPlay!
Be aware that it's in very early alpha stage, so many things may still change or be buggy. But yes, the UI is going to be much more flexible than XMPlay's.

What do you think about quality of the sound? Does this player reproduce the sound accurately in your opinion?
The goal is to have accurate reproduction of many formats. libopenmpt is for example used for most module formats. I may be biased, but that means that module reproduction is practically on par with XMPlay, but with support for more formats. ;)

PC Players / Re: Best XMPlayer-like player for Linux?
« on: January 23, 2021, 00:03:03 »
It's still very much a work-in-progress and many features are still missing, but this player aims to eventually become exactly what you want:

Apart from that, I'm not really aware of anything that comes even close to XMPlay (so yes, I rather bear its UI bugs in Wine when I'm on Linux than using a lesser player...)

Hall of Shame / Re: Parker Kurz
« on: January 21, 2021, 18:41:50 »
FWIW, the lawyers of Feiyr were very quick to resolve the situation. The album is now gradually being taken down from all platforms.

The Lobby / Re: Returning oldskooler!!
« on: January 20, 2021, 23:06:11 »
You could ask through the shoutbox first if you should go ahead or if they want to take care of it :)

In one sentence: Don't expect to not run into ContentID problems if you stream other people's works.

Note that your videos can receive copyright strikes for a variety of reasons.
- for no particular reasons at all, except that the algorithm "thinks" that a module is similar to some commercial track while it really isn't.
- stuff that falls under fair use, as the ContentID algorithm cannot judge fair use
- a commercial song and a module share a very obvious sample but neither of them is the original source
- a module artists decided to register their modules with a distribution platform that works together with YouTube ContentID
- someone misrepresents module artists
- a commercial artist plagiarized a module (hello Timbaland)
- and of course the obvious one, someone sampled commercial music

With so many different legitimate and not-so-legitimate reasons, you really cannot expect that a stream of random modules will not get at least one ContentID hit, and there is really nothing we can do here for you. It's your own responsibility to deal with that, but as you are not the copyright holder of the module, there is typically little you can do. ModArchive won't be taken down for low-quality remixes people did 30 years ago, don't worry. But your stream might. If you want to keep it safe, listen to modules before streaming them and check for obvious commercial samples.

Help me find that... / Re: Who made Megazak?
« on: January 18, 2021, 08:52:39 »
Here's the MOD file including authors:

The online player will now play the MO3 file correctly again (might require a force refresh to clean browser cache).

libopenmpt doesn't generally have a problem with that particular MO3 file. It's probably just something that's specific to the WebAssembly version used on ModArchive (the Ogg Vorbis samples fail to decompress). I'll look into it.

In general, please don't upload "fixed" version of songs without notifying me beforehand, because otherwise they might get rejected quickly after uploading.

A general note:
We want modules to be in their original format - which is IT in this case. However, some modules (not this one) are only available as MO3, in which case we don't want the file uncompressed with UNMO3 or OpenMPT. Uncompressing a file suggests that it was never compressed, so it may hide the fact that samples are lower quality, etc...

Edit: Confirmed, the current version of the library used for decoding Vorbis samples, stb_vorbis, has issues with decoding certain Vorbis samples, and there's already a bugfix available for it. The online player will be updated soon.

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