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Sampling / Re: Question about samples copyright
« on: February 24, 2021, 10:57:41 »
My main concern, as far as getting things published, is the voice samples I've used. Not sure if Purple Motion got the sample from Batman cleared
He most definitely didn't. Nobody cared back then, and these days many people still don't care.

As long as you DON'T MAKE A PENNY! Everything is safe...
That's a dangerous assumption to make and definitely not a safe legal advise to give. A license violation is still a license violation if you don't make any money off it. Whether you personally agree that this is sensible or not is of little relevance to the legal system.

Lots of things about copyright are fundamentally broken. That doesn't make ignoring those rules a good thing to do, though.

Just because a person 'originated' a file (created) does not mean they have a copyright...You gotta file for it which takes awhile
Wrong. The Berne Convention mandates that copyright is given automatically; it is prohibited to require formal registration. However there are some differences in how the US handles it, but in general, if you created something, you implicitly have the copyright to it.

Sampling / Re: Question about samples copyright
« on: February 23, 2021, 23:01:08 »
WaveWorld is free but not public domain. Many of the files are sampled from commercial synth presets, which is a bit of a grey area. It's okay to use those samples in your music (also commercially), but if you want to be 100% certain that everything you use is in the public domain, they are the wrong choice.

But my main question is, does anyone know about the copyright status of the samples WITHIN the Unreal II PM s3m by Purple Motion? I'm particularly interested in using the piano chord samples within in my own work.
That's a particularly tricky file to ask about because it contains samples from movies (e.g. "ten seconds to transmission" from Batman). Many remixes (in particular those that ended up on CDs) of this song have avoided using those voice samples due to the lack of copyright clearance.
The rest of the samples are certainly also not in the public domain - unless someone specifically says so, you cannot assume that this is the case. Most artists will not care if you use their samples, as long as you credit them, but in many modules those credits are missing so often the wrong person gets credited when yet another person reuses a sample. Some of the samples in Second Reality are certainly original, while others are taken from other modules.
Again, if you absolutely need to be sure you are only using public domain material, this is not the right way to go.

For the specific samples you asked about, they are sampled from the famous Piano 16' patch from the Korg M1 which is heard on thousands of records and modules of the 90s. They can easily be recreated with Korg's M1 VST plugin in higher quality if you want a version that is guaranteed to not "belong" to anyone - although again, sampling synth presets is a bit of a grey area but noone ever got sued for sampling a single patch, it gets more problematic if you e.g. sample all the presets of a synth and then sell your own sample pack based on them.

I have attached some high-quality recreations of those piano samples to this post. They are directly sampled from the Korg M1 VST. As far as I'm concerned you can use them for anything you want, but again - they are based on commercial synth presets, which means that they are free to use, but not in the public domain.

Help Support Topics Archive / Re: Removal request
« on: February 23, 2021, 18:15:04 »
191127 has been removed. You will notice that the link will still work but it will automatically direct to the newest version instead.

libopenmpt support is relatively new in ZXTune and I think there are still a lot of things left to be done. You can request features here:

I don't use ZXTune myself but I assume that it will simply just play a tune once. libopenmpt, just like OpenMPT itself, will stop playing a tune whenever it reaches a point that has already been played. So it is fully intentional that playback will stop after a pattern jump, but of course a player should preferably apply a fadeout in that case.

ZXTune uses libopenmpt, so it should be able to play those.

The Lobby / Re: Ultimate Tracker Music Base Site Gone...Looks Like>>>
« on: February 18, 2021, 18:28:39 »
Seems like it was due to a Google account ban:
You can still browse parts of it through the Web Archive:

I know people won't listen until they get to feel the consequences themselves, but here is a regular reminder: Don't rely on Google for anything that is valuable to you.

quote]No, I don't think there's a way around the privacy laws without actual legal action or the infringer disputing the claim and having to be in contact with me voluntarily.
That's the point.. you cannot open any legal action against the person without knowing who they are. I got this information from feiyr's lawyer after I told them that I reserve the right to proceed with legal actions against the uploader.

Did you receive any information on the infringer?

Macintosh / Re: OpenMPT player on Mac
« on: February 11, 2021, 18:06:24 »
There's also our own command-line player, openmpt123, which does support playlists (M3U/PLS).

In general, anything using libopenmpt, or ffmpeg with libopenmpt support compiled, or gstreamer with the libopenmpt plugin, should support MPTM files.

You're welcome. You may also have a look at the OpenMPT development forums and ask technical questions about the source or how to implement certain aspects of a mod player there.

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