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There's no password and no email to remember due to the account's age. :) I have added your forum's email address to the artist account and sent a password reset mail that way.

No worries :)


I have no idea how that could happen - and it's probably not worth investigating why it's happening at this point, as we're actively working on something new.

The Lobby / Re: New to Milkytracker
« on: June 26, 2022, 23:26:51 »
Welcome to the forums.
I was hoping some veterans of the program (or anyone for that matter, since it appears a lot of trackers are similar-ish) could give some tips and tricks for using Milkytracker.
That's quite a generic request, but if you browse around the forums a bit you will find lots of interesting pieces of information everywhere which might be just what you're after.

Help Support Topics Archive / Re: A Question About Remixes
« on: June 06, 2022, 19:26:17 »
You should choose "Yes" because it's your remix and it will be added to your profile.

Hall of Shame / Re: HomeMusicreconstruction a.k.a. Thor
« on: May 20, 2022, 18:40:37 »
Thanks. Apparently this person (even after saying it multiple times) doesn't understand that even the original authors of those songs don't appreciate these "remixes", but not giving credits makes it even worse.

Help me find that... / Re: Alarma - Da Hool - Megamix2
« on: May 19, 2022, 23:01:46 »
Daxx made some megamixes in similar styles, you could check if there's something on his profile.

No, this feature was not removed. What gives you the impression that this is the case? You can still enter 00 into the instrument column and that will completely remove any reference to the current instrument (that's just one out of many ways this can be achieved).
It's important to note that in the general, having an instrument number vs leaving it out is not the same thing. For example, If there's an instrument number next to the note, all envelopes will retrigger, but without the instrument number the envelopes will continue to run. This is why you hear those notes moving from left to right in the original song - the panning envelope just keeps running. It wouldn't do that if there was an instrument number next to those notes.

Can you send me the email address you tried to sign up with (can also be done via private message)? I just double-checked the code and the + character shouldn't be an issue, maybe there was a different thing the code didn't like about that particular address.

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