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Tracking / Pre-Tested VSTi Instruments for SkaleTracker (Freewares)>>>
« on: November 21, 2021, 03:48:55 »

       Have an archive of Pre-Tested VSTi Instruments tested to work in SkaleTracker 0.81 without crashing...

       These are all freewares & I made sure to check to make sure no commercial ventures are in there as I have a few for sure...

       Testing VSTi in Skale is a SUPER PAIN WAY UP...ALL THE WAY UP!! As since Skale re-rezes the plug GUIs (No problem with GUI-less) many plugs DO NOT LIKE that...

       Crashes are usually the negative upshot with Skale crashing without having Re-Rezed the monitor & as such taskbar is gone & much other requiring a restart of machine then bringing it back into proper screen Rez after booting up...

       Though my set-up is windows XP SP3 32bit and I run FULLSCREEN ONLY with SkaleTracker 0.81 yours should not be any different reacting (maybe, hopefully)..

       If you get a 'sticky' plug that won't release with the ESC key then bring up task manager (CTRL-ALT-DELETE) or try Alt-TAB switch then go back to Skale that usually works to JOG IT...

Pretty much it just drop these wherever you've configged the VSTs to be...Note the Crystal VSTi is the older 2.4.8 as the newer versions will CRASH so don't update...EVER!!!!


Sampling / Re: HGFortune SF2s Converted to XI-
« on: November 12, 2021, 18:24:01 »
Sorry Madrayken...

         Well, If you are still about I am reuploading NOW so note new links above...Thanks for your gratitude no matter what...

         OK done...Re-uploaded plus added 2 xtra file hosters uploaded to so maybe links will last awhile...

         Have tested various ones of these in SkaleTracker & pretty much seem OK there may be a 'bad apple' here or there...

Sampling / to XI Instruments Experiment Thread>>>
« on: November 12, 2021, 18:11:08 »
OK then...

Coming across these 2 pages from the wayback-


I decided to convert the SF2s from these 2 pages only into XI Instruments...As you can SEE at the bottom of these pages the copyright info...No FRIGGIN' restriction whether personal, commercial, marine, aircraft, whatever...

And if you are ever challenged (not on these but OTHERS) the first thing you ask is "Then please show me your approved copyright filing or your filing of (it takes awhile)"...To NOT PROVIDE THIS is illegal...

ONWARD...OK these also tested in SkaleTracker 0.81 for 'purity'...No crashing, out of tune, run-ons, etc...This eliminated quite a few...

Many had instrument names DIFFERENT from the soundfont name so they were renamed to indicate the soundfont they came from...So you know WHAT came from WHERE...

So there you have it...I may do more pages later on...




Sampling / Re: MAZ No.1 Instruments
« on: November 11, 2021, 23:26:08 »
Threads like this concerning XI instruments are astounding...I have the old wave-it XIs 7 made a BUNCH on my own mostly from sampling the OUTPUT of VSTi & turning that into XI instruments...
Years ago shared a bunch at warmplace for the sunvox crowd but so many were worried about where the samples came from, well they came from SAMPLING the output of VSTi...Nothing wrong with that. Same thing but worse at the caustic site...
It must be something about the XI format that brings out the WEIRD in people making them all MEEK and TIMID in various ways...
That's why I no longer share any of it...Not for the lack of thanks as there's plenty of that...

Tracking / Vintage GUI-Less VST Offer>>>
« on: April 20, 2021, 14:06:19 »
Hello Zoids...

   Been parsing tons of plugins looking for old GUI-Less plugins that are great for certain old Trackers like H8 Tracker, Skale Tracker, ETC...

  So uploaded them for others as well...Some VERY GOOD plugs in there just not 'pretty' but for old Trackers with the 'dashboard' they be fine...

 There's like 166 plugins with maybe a dozen being generators & the rest are FX plugs...

 Alotta DSP in just a 7.5 MB archive-


If you wanna know what is in there have a look-

Filename   Size
A0 SweepTracker.dll   68.00 KB
AAS_MidiOut.dll   88.00 KB
AAS_MonoPhunk.dll   76.00 KB
AradazSLAM.dll   128.00 KB
autotalent.dll   483.00 KB
BattleComp.dll   76.00 KB
Beatfckr.dll   80.00 KB
Bloop.dll   164.00 KB
Boss DS-1.dll   108.00 KB
Boss SD-1.dll   100.00 KB
Chorus CH-1.dll   204.00 KB
CrazyIvan.dll   96.00 KB
D_Limiter.dll   56.00 KB
DECompressor.dll   112.50 KB
DEGate.dll   113.00 KB
demonwave.dll   145.00 KB
diode1.dll   139.62 KB
DirtBeat.dll   60.00 KB
dualdelay.dll   150.65 KB
F_M_Comp.dll   80.50 KB
F_M_EQShelf.dll   79.00 KB
F_M_Tube.dll   78.00 KB
F_S_Comp.dll   80.50 KB
F_S_EQFilter.dll   78.50 KB
F_S_EQShelf.dll   80.00 KB
F_S_LineT.dll   77.50 KB
F_S_Phase.dll   77.00 KB
F_S_Tube.dll   78.00 KB
firegain.dll   76.00 KB
Freeverb3.dll   88.00 KB
GateDist.dll   60.00 KB
Glacier.dll   35.50 KB
High Frequency Stimulator.dll   84.00 KB
IndyGoDelay.dll   63.00 KB
IndyGoGater.dll   66.50 KB
IndyGoTremolo.dll   65.50 KB
Invada Compressor-Mono.dll   80.00 KB
Invada Compressor-Stereo.dll   80.50 KB
Invada EQ-Tube-Mono.dll   74.00 KB
Invada EQ-Tube-Stereo.dll   74.50 KB
Invada Filter.dll   74.00 KB
Invada Phase.dll   73.00 KB
Invada Tube-Mono.dll   77.50 KB
Invada Tube-Stereo.dll   77.50 KB
JCM900.dll   120.00 KB
JS 6 equalizer V1.0.dll   31.50 KB
JS Band Cut V1.0.dll   22.00 KB
JS Compresseur V1.1.dll   21.00 KB
JS Disto V1.0.dll   21.00 KB
JS equalizer V1.0.dll   21.50 KB
JS Humanizer v1.0.dll   38.00 KB
JS Limiteur V1.0.dll   19.00 KB
JS Magneto V1.1.dll   22.50 KB
JS Mini-sample V1.0.dll   22.00 KB
JS Noise Attenu V1.0 .dll   20.50 KB
JS Noise Filtre V1.0.dll   20.50 KB
JS Oscil resonne V2.0 .dll   23.00 KB
JS Oscil resonne V3.0.dll   33.00 KB
JS PanDelay.dll   19.50 KB
JS Resonnateur V1.0.dll   20.50 KB
JS Vibrato V1.0.dll   20.50 KB
karakao.dll   56.00 KB
killerringer.dll   193.00 KB
Low Frequency Stimulator.dll   84.00 KB
mda Bandisto.dll   88.00 KB
mda BeatBox.dll   87.00 KB
mda Combo.dll   87.00 KB
mda De-ess.dll   79.50 KB
mda Degrade.dll   82.50 KB
mda Delay.dll   81.00 KB
mda Detune.dll   81.50 KB
mda Dither.dll   80.50 KB
mda DubDelay.dll   82.00 KB
mda DX10.dll   88.50 KB
mda Dynamics.dll   83.00 KB
mda Envelope.dll   82.00 KB
mda ePiano.dll   916.50 KB
mda Image.dll   81.50 KB
mda JX10.dll   97.00 KB
mda Leslie.dll   92.00 KB
mda Limiter.dll   80.50 KB
mda Loudness.dll   80.00 KB
mda MultiBand.dll   85.00 KB
mda Overdrive.dll   79.50 KB
mda Piano.dll   1.53 MB
mda RePsycho!.dll   83.00 KB
mda RezFilter.dll   84.00 KB
mda RingMod.dll   79.00 KB
mda RoundPan.dll   79.50 KB
mda Shepard.dll   80.50 KB
mda Splitter.dll   80.50 KB
mda Stereo.dll   82.50 KB
mda SubSynth.dll   82.50 KB
mda Talkbox.dll   84.00 KB
mda TestTone.dll   86.00 KB
mda ThruZero.dll   80.50 KB
mda Tracker.dll   84.00 KB
mda VocInput.dll   80.50 KB
mda Vocoder.dll   81.00 KB
Megatrancer.dll   56.00 KB
microrock.fxb   16.65 KB
MjHarmonicPingOnly.dll   794.33 KB
MjMultibandCompressor.dll   276.00 KB
MjRotoDelay.dll   200.00 KB
morf1.dll   157.69 KB
Muon Atom.dll   172.00 KB
MuonAtom.fxb   1.90 KB
Null-BandSpin.dll   200.12 KB
Null-Cutter.dll   196.11 KB
Null-FilterDub.dll   200.12 KB
Null-Florus.dll   196.11 KB
Null-Ringer.dll   200.11 KB
Null-Stepper.dll   196.12 KB
NUSofting_Kaotica_Stereo.dll   92.00 KB
NUSofting_microMono_0.5.dll   108.00 KB
NUSofting_microrock_b0.1u.dll   108.00 KB
PalancarWare Brick.dll   62.50 KB
PalancarWare DeDC.dll   62.50 KB
PalancarWare Empire.dll   69.50 KB
PalancarWare Neutronium.dll   66.50 KB
PalancarWare Ozone.dll   65.00 KB
PalancarWare Refero.dll   65.50 KB
PalancarWare Scalar.dll   63.00 KB
PalancarWare Sputnik.dll   66.50 KB
particlecloud1.dll   147.71 KB
pcf1.dll   149.15 KB
Physix.dll   232.00 KB
physix.fxp   100 bytes
PIP 7 Band.dll   20.00 KB
PIP FatEQ.dll   21.50 KB
PIP Gate.dll   15.50 KB
PIP Traditional EQ.dll   19.00 KB
Poor Plate.dll   108.00 KB
ppdisto.dll   64.00 KB
PS-1.dll   100.00 KB
Puncher.dll   28.06 KB
Quantik_compensator.dll   40.00 KB
Quantik_delay.dll   54.00 KB
Quantik_filter.dll   41.50 KB
Quantik_nor.dll   40.50 KB
Quantik_overshaper.dll   40.50 KB
Quantik_shaper.dll   54.50 KB
Quantik_Xterminator.dll   55.00 KB
Rednef Twin.dll   112.00 KB
Saturator.dll   67.50 KB
ScannedSynth.dll   852.05 KB
SimpleQ.dll   70.00 KB
SIRdelay.dll   66.50 KB
Stereoizer.dll   56.00 KB
SubFilter.dll   68.00 KB
surrounder.dll   60.00 KB
TK-3BandDisto.dll   84.00 KB
TK-4Filters.dll   76.00 KB
TK-BPMDelay.dll   72.00 KB
TK-BPMDelayS.dll   72.00 KB
TK-Disto.dll   76.00 KB
TK-FeedFlanger.dll   80.00 KB
TK-FilterDisto.dll   76.00 KB
TK-FlangDestructor.dll   84.00 KB
TK-LPFilterMod.dll   76.00 KB
TK-SinMod.dll   72.00 KB
TK-StereoFlanger.dll   80.00 KB
Tube Screamer.dll   100.00 KB
Univibe.dll   100.00 KB
VFilterNode.dll   126.00 KB
VFlanger.dll   79.50 KB
VNoiseGate.dll   80.50 KB
VNoPhones.dll   79.00 KB
VPingPong.dll   131.50 KB

Tracking / ODOsynths - ALL Collection Win32 >>>
« on: February 25, 2021, 21:54:54 »
Was uploading this elsewhere so I figured I might as well take a dump here too...

ODO started a torrent of all synths years ago but checking TODAY the torrent was 619 peers & ZERO seeders!...LOL! the bane of torrent madness...

So here is all untouched original archive-


Feel free to spread links about in any lowlife VST collector sites you want...

Sampling / Re: Question about samples copyright
« on: February 24, 2021, 09:37:05 »
Just to weigh in...

You can accept this or not but the REAL catch is if you plan to make any money off any samples...

As long as you DON'T MAKE A PENNY! Everything is safe...

I am talking if you live in USA, which is a corporation...Not a country. So 'business' must be conducted before civil action can come...

However you must KNOW THIS as if you don't like most people & AGREE you violated a copyright WITHOUT receiving a penny then you have agreed to contract which supercedes business...

All this 'copyright strike' garbage on youtube & the like is bunk & just used to control people & their channels...

Just because a person 'originated' a file (created) does not mean they have a copyright...You gotta file for it which takes awhile...So first thing you do is demand the individual or company show proof they have copyright or at least have filed for it. To claim you have copyright WITHOUT having an actual copyright is against the law but never prosecuted as it is used to control so many...

Sampling / The Busty Dozen Scrambled Vol1 & GregJazz XmasBass>>>
« on: February 19, 2021, 20:44:19 »

Some samples & instruments here most probably don't know about...

The first is The Busty Dozen Scrambled Vol.1 which is a collection of all kinda sample & instrument...

Contains some Battery 3 Kits (with useful WAVs)

Contains a good amount of Kontakt instruments...These are OLD format not encrypted so easily converted to anything else

Has a good size film score library (196 MB)

and a folder of One-Shotz, Loops and Voxengo impulse files...

Uncompressed a total of like 570 MB...

Info is here-


Also found a NICE old bass library in old kontakt format so easily converted...It's GregJazz XmasBass...

Has X-Notes, Mutes, Slides, Slaps...NICE FREEBIE!!


   For those using Trackers that use VSTs and you use older OS (Me=XP SP3) well new UVI won't even install as it's only 64 bit now!...In fact I tried a new 32 bit some years ago & it would not run at all...

   Missing the 'Good Ole Days' from 2010 and the old original UVI Workstation whose GUI I like much better anyways I got busy...

   Not lacking in features at all it is great for organizing & playing RX2 & ACiD loops in your host Tracker. Nice ARP ability coupled with 'latch' makes things easier in Trackers. Has a host of built-in FX too...

  So you get the 1.1.6 installer from this wayback link-

  This installs a small tutorial library at C:\Program Files\UVISoundBanks so Download the Demo soundbank here & unzip it to there-

  This will give you other stuff to play with...Be patient with that link it failed on me a couple times (probably weather)...

  Surely glad to have this oldie back - Here it is inside of EvoBeats Sequential Vibes-

  You can import most any audio file too with good option...

Hello Tracker-Types...

Found this today...Very nice graphical animation on this player & is not CPU intensive even on old single or dual-core with XP...

Not feature rich otherwise does have some FX on the front like reverb-Chorus-flange & more...

Plays Modules as well have tested MOD XM S3M IT does fine...

Comes with nice array of 2D-3D visuals & can go full-screen...Drag your module onto GUI & go...

Check it out! Nice for a visual freebie player thats otherwise simple...

Note, There is a 'MovieBox' there also not quite as impressive but also some standalone visuals to DL & play with there poke around...

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