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 on: Today at 19:30:48 
Started by Saga Musix - Last post by Saga Musix
This topic has been moved to Tracking.

 on: Today at 19:15:23 
Started by PonPon - Last post by Saga Musix
Many of those old samples are from typical sample-based synthesizers of the 90s. I can't really point out any specific sample sources for this specific track, but both tracker artists as well as "professional" jungle producers have used the typical hardware synths of that time (e.g. Roland JV-2080, Korg Trinity, etc...) and some well-known sample CDs. Many hardware manufacturers are releasing plugin versions of those synths these days, so you can for example get VST plugins from Roland emulating the JV-1080 (the 2080's virtually identical predecessor) or the XV-5080 (the 2080's successor, which can do anything the 2080 can do and more), or Korg's Triton (which is the successor of the Trinity). When you directly sample from these plugins they will sound a lot more hi-fi than tracker tunes or even professional productions from that era, because typically mono samples were used (with some depth added afterwards by passing them through reverb), and in the case of modules, the sample rate was often reduced as well.

You can load those plugins into OpenMPT and create the required samples directly in OpenMPT. Once you created the samples, you can go back to pure sample-based tracked in IT or XM format.  Whether you want to keep the samples pristine or downsample them / convert them to mono is up to you.

If you want to look into some sample CDs, you can for example look into Polestar Magnetics or Zero-G sample CDs, stuff like Jungle Warfare, etc... I think many of them are still for sale as WAV sample packs these days.

I hope that helps!

 on: Today at 15:10:58 
Started by TalkOrBell - Last post by TalkOrBell
CRUD!...Forgot something...

MED has pretty good CHM helps but I did not like such small fonts with clashing backgrounds so I converted all important CHMs to HTML so you can open in your browser of choice that have ZOOMING feature (I use Opera 12 for this)


 on: Today at 15:05:40 
Started by TalkOrBell - Last post by TalkOrBell
Didn't sleep well last night so I 'FROZE' a buncha VSTi to make HighLife Instruments for MED SoundStudio...

##NOTE##...These are not compatible with some OTHER versions of HighLife which use FXP format for packed instrument...

If you follow included images there can be no screw-ups to get these functioning-

UnRARed is 222 MB Instruments...Crappy ones were deleted...


 on: Today at 06:21:16 
Started by earrgames - Last post by PonPon
You might wanna not. NFTs are a money laundering scheme.

 on: Today at 05:32:47 
Started by PonPon - Last post by PonPon
I want to try my hand at making something spacey like Forgone Destruction

I'm saying like because I know It's gonna take some time to fully get the feel of Atmospheric Jungle. Any recommendations for software I can use to make the samples? I already got Open MPT to put everything together.

 on: December 05, 2021, 20:38:53 
Started by JohnSparta26 - Last post by weee50
Sorry if this is considered a bump, but I think I found one of the missing songs!

Decompiling the game with FFDec, I found that "Fourty Below" is internally referred to as "SnowMan", so I searched for "SnowMan" here, and I found this, which seems to be a match.

However, this file is slightly different from the version in the game: the two most major differences are that the tempo of the in-game version is slower and that one of the original file's melodies seems to be bugged on the first listen (it works properly and matches the in-game version after it loops). This means that Jindo most likely slowed down the song and fixed the broken first loop for the game.

Additionally, what I've been calling the original file gives "respect to the original song" without specifying what "the original song" is. Maybe it's another mod file, maybe it's Celtic Woman's "Walking in the Air" (which "Fourty Below"/"Snowman" sounds somewhat similar to), and maybe it's something completely different. I don't know!

The main menu theme is still missing. Additionally, the OP missed Funky Switch (the song used in the two bonus worlds), and I was unable to find its source. (And, no, the internal filenames for these songs are not helpful for either of these, since they're just "MenuTheme" and "FunkySwitch" respectively.) Here is a YouTube video of Funky Switch, uploaded by me, because I don't think there were any videos before this of just Funky Switch.

Oh, and just for posterity, here's a list of found sources for all of the songs in the game:
Main Menu Theme (missing)
Trick Question
Fourty Below
Ice Eyes
Tricky Reality
Funky Switch (missing)

 on: December 02, 2021, 15:18:17 
Started by 1up - Last post by 1up
Hi TalkOrBell,
Are you saying that does not load for you? Could it be blocked for you somehow? It is just a normal web page, that becomes a sequencer.

It is low-CPU if you only use a tracker; adding lots of synths and effects and using big mp3s will make it high-CPU!

The unlimited machine rewiring is i think unique among web trackers, but I can only make it as fast as Web Audio in the browser allows.

The focus here is on making the easiest interface for music creation ever, and portablility (web-based). This project is sadly not suitable for low-end/mobile devices right now.

 on: December 01, 2021, 03:57:26 
Started by TalkOrBell - Last post by TalkOrBell
Just happened to search today 'MED SoundStudio' there's an open facebook group & down just a little the owner of MED SoundStudio has been giving it out for free for a time now to keep it from dying out since it is no longer being sold nor being improved...

I installed & the included serial worked fine, what a boon...

I really like SoundStudio it is simple, effective, great workflow, uses VSTi & VST (fast scanning too), has built-in HighLife Engine so you can sample a VSTi & freeze it to instrument samples, You can also load SFZ & AKAI into HighLife as well, You can render your songs down to executables...

Right-Clicking on a selection in the pattern block you get an effects menu listing & any you choose have parameters you set right there...It does all the work for you & you don't hafta fart with HEX or nuthin'...

SoundStudio is not perfect though...VSTi & VST automation is lacking actually any type is lacking your effects commands for your sample instruments are your best bet in it and there is no mixer to speak of...

The Facebook Group is HERE-

The Tracker is HERE-

There are 3 video tuts HERE-

 on: November 30, 2021, 19:25:27 
Started by pjghangouts - Last post by pjghangouts

There was a mod, that I remember playing in one of the trackers, so unsure if it was used in a demo (although I'm remembering red spheres on the screen, so I dunno) and it had a sample of Clint Eastwood saying (I think) 'Do You Feel Lucky'.

Unfortunately the words I'm using to search are too generic for the likes of Google to help me out, as I just get to YouTube with his movies.

I think it started with a few snare hits at the beginning of the track.

This was a long time ago, and my memory may be playing tricks on me.

Can anybody help me please?

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