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 on: April 12, 2024, 22:27:33 
Started by usual - Last post by usual
and another...

replace with

it's adpcm packed (so it plays wrong in pt2 clone, etc.), the module on google drive is unpacked.

 on: April 12, 2024, 20:14:24 
Started by RedDragon - Last post by RedDragon
Thanks Axxy for identifying this out  :)! I wonder why several modules have different name labels while being the exact same song  ???, its not a rare occurrance...

Regarding the others, ACKER1.MOD turned out to be this one:
(spacetravelling - SPACETRA.MOD)

cgirl.mod is already present as country_girl.mod:

NSSPEED.MOD too is already present (I'm sure it wasn't there when I checked at the time... or maybe I just haven't searched properly  ???):

 on: April 11, 2024, 17:40:14 
Started by 4194304 - Last post by 4194304
I asked the same thing in the discord server, and they found it!  :D

Anyway, the search is done!

 on: April 10, 2024, 06:01:02 
Started by clear2ooo - Last post by clear2ooo

i talk about what i recently downloaded. best of past 6 months. (6/6)

it's not the music. the "impresion" is how the samples are named. it's too bad it cannot be transferred as ascii art. i look at it in schism tracker but some characters don't match well. but i load their songs in openmpt and collect as much ascii art as i can. even though i have to change characters in ordinary text editor. i don't like spanish tarnce. but their chiptunes are better.

artist talk about "good old amiga chippies". but this has panning commands, unacceptable in pro tracker. and computer it ran in. so i removed those commands for one of a real "chippies". found another reason to prefer "it" and compatible. because "mod" and "xm" have number to begin command. so people do stupid things like "666" and call clever and funny. this song had "888" on all four tracks because artist must have broken right speaker.

this song has a stupid fill-in. from where i live, i say the same thing. three months from now. the only message in the module.

what a shame the artist doesn't want to be identified. this song deserves a real name too. i kept around 2-3/4 minutes. until it almost fades out into end. then something else is done that i don't agree with. i exported at least 3 minutes of it into "mp3" file to play into my chinese speaker.

i can't run ambient parties to accomodate this. it's just too long with many repeating patterns. so i removed what i felt repeated in the order. for 4-1/2 minutes i think is good enough.

apparently "hey-move" was looking for a g.f.  good work by both crashed very hard here with me. please do your own parts always if you will trigger long samples. this is as in playing piano, guitar, drums, jewharp etc. actually.  see above.
don't make habit of turning your computer off. while someone is trying to read song comments. heavy-swing funk, pretend to do it in "mod" format makes me yawn.

this wins a contest! no effect commands. but i want longer.

misses because it is one-channel sound. voxbot, that will be your name for me. also i want it longer. without voice clip.
this falls apart at the second song. sorry, disney sucks to me. i don't care to explain why. otherwise this is a good example of what could be done by people not interested in getting "the flavor" from someone else. who wants to rip off, refusing to make anything if he can't.
i have looked at famistudio for android. it's counterintuitive. it's not a music tracker. it looks like author wants everybody to pay for full version. when go to piano roll. it always goes back to beginning. very difficult to consider song longer than 16 bars with that program. also cannot play sustained fm sounds properly. this with "vrc7" mode six fm monophonic channels and at least two of them going. with only one monophonic sample channel, good luck selling that to anybody.

good troll! boy i hated this song in 1980s.
looks around, where is "oberheim"? i'm not well-schooled about expensive big synthesizers. a lot of this guy's work with chiptunes is good. don't want to know about death metal early career.

this has some visual trickery. too bad openmpt isn't clever with render dialog progress. it was easy to see in psycle when someone used jump command. or pattern loop. while rendering to wave.

usually i reject non-amiga-hater compositions like this. try to prevent correct playback too. just replicate pattern "0" create pattern jump. that's it! disqualified for being malicious. i'm beginning to notice nothing else by this artist is worth downloading or playing back.
by far the best song by either "wizard". other is death-metal artist which is not my thing. on this song i had to lower triangle's amplitude a bit.
this is the first module i encounter a "wizard" from a different country. it might not be relevant anymore.

i have had many "realistic" brand toy keyboards bought at radio shack. one of them was concertmate-670. had cheap sounds. but i would compose with them today on tracker if i could. i would use _o_n_l_y_ those sounds. including hihats and cymbal which sounded bad recorded to 8-bit. with bit of modern sound design. could make closed hihat sound enough like "rolgog" version. but open hihat was awful no matter what. was good only for disco beat it had. this song has sine-like chords. reminded me of rock accompaniments of keyboard. but the best one was the r-n-b. really liked that beat. yes call me lame.

happy adventure no. 99980001: rip from artist in another language from 1960s.
17-0-1-2-3-8-15-16. is the order i have for this one. replace clunky fade-out at end. with better global volume fade-out. export to mp3 for my enjoyment.
i also hate the song (commercial record) near 30 minutes near end this blasts off about. enough of this video, this geek, this whole fake album. should have done same "vanilla" investigation on him. i was even given ascii animation of it. all i did to earn it. was give a gif file of animated face emoticon. i accept because it was a moderator on other forum i belonged to. if not i leave, i do not allow insulting me like that.
assemble american clunker of 1970s. ride it for first time after many years. then wreck and get stuck inside lincoln tunnel inside n.y.c. it's what it sounds to me. desperate to have own look or style. i don't mind "feel" like playing everything live. around pattern "10" mute pad which sounds too intimate to me.

i was less fortunate than artist. in high school to have a good "english" teacher. i mean grammar, literature and vocabulary. i did have pretty good sequential math teachers. the same one the first two grades. but for the third grade she was quite good looking. it was my fault i didn't do as well with her.
this is probably his best song.
are you sure this is not by charlie? do not load this song right after most other by this same artist. see "la_mettrie" song.
this sucks for 145 channels going down at one instant.
generally i like this artist work. a bit boring this one. but he also has a song named after a company. vomit.
for a song called like this. the samples should have had much better names. "snare that blows", you have to be careful. do not say it to your girlfriend. or you will be playing the piano.

this is curiously called "gates of ixtlan." say this because it looks like song by aphex twin. somewhere this sounds like could be done by that artist. maybe less house and more experimental. like two or three songs by "sml" i had to reject. because i don't like some of his maneuvers.

dude you need counseling.

could have played loudest beat part 30 seconds longer. then i would have forgiven "jerry mouse" for calling everyone else "lamers" in other song.

this blows away all the "ja" start filename songs. why so lazy?

this by "debugger", got this from fake two data cd set somewhere on "scene-dot-org." i don't like how they changed that theme song in cartoons. i saw for short time, usually on fridays. with tight-pant-wearing princess. but link was really boring too. i'm angry because i missed episode. i think she finally kissed him. could change that today into episode of "green arrow." but give him another "secretary." i played game once but got lost. didn't really get anywhere.

i could never make chords like in this song.

read my post again more carefully if:
* i post an emoticon.
* i reply to someone else.
* i provide link to another web site.

 on: April 09, 2024, 21:57:47 
Started by usual - Last post by usual
yeah, this topic is already putted in archive, but i have yet another one replace request, sorry..

please replace these three mods by impulse:

with these fixed ones:

and remove from pending uploads since i found out that mod is already on modarchive.

 on: April 08, 2024, 23:28:53 
Started by dukenukem88 - Last post by dukenukem88
Late reply, but, TYSM!!! :o

 on: April 08, 2024, 17:02:47 
Started by NobootRecord - Last post by NobootRecord
Good afternoon.

Please delete my The Mod Archive account (and also my ratings if possible). I am no longer using it. Here is a link to it:

Thank you.

 on: April 08, 2024, 14:29:26 
Started by usual - Last post by Flashira
No problem

 on: April 08, 2024, 14:10:44 
Started by usual - Last post by usual
finally.. thank you very much!

 on: April 08, 2024, 06:54:16 
Started by Merlin - Last post by Flashira

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