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Who Am I?

I’m Arcturus. I’m an American who mostly composed mod music from 1996-1999. I live in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. I first learned to make music in Scream Tracker, but then moved on to Impulse Tracker. Nowadays when I want to track, I use Renoise.

I was a member of the music group Shattered Fixtures in 1997-1998. I participated in Music Contest 5 and Music Contest 6. I wouldn’t exactly call myself one of the best musicians in the demoscene, but I had a few notable songs, and overall I’m glad that I could be a small part of this music subculture.

I pursued a career in software, and currently live in the Seattle area with my wife and three children.

My Songs

All of my mods are available here on the Mod Archive. Yes, even my early, terrible songs. My best work started in late 1997. I have about 67 original works here, though some of them have multiple versions uploaded. My complete catalog is below.

My ten best songs, as I would rank them:

1. Leaving it All Behind (2001)
2. Solitude (1997)
3. Ascension (1999)
4. Pray For Rain (1999)
5. Year of the Spectre (2002, not released until 2021)
6. Indefinite Radiant (1998)
7. Skyline (1998)
8. Gravity (1997)
9. Horizons Below (1999)
10. Rocky Plateau (2004)

Other decent songs (all songs below this point are in no particular order):

Unspoken Thoughts (Music Contest 6 entry)
The Creeping House
These Animals Hunt Back
Jungle Trek
An Arcturus Christmas
Outback Twilight
Time and Eternity (v2) Alternate version: Time and Eternity
Zustand Vortrefflichkeit
Sorrow's Undoing
Gymkata - Camelot's Theme
Flight Through the Clouds

The muddled, mediocre middle:

March of the Silhouettes
Dark Star (final) Alternate version: -=≡Dark Star≡≡==--
Outcast the Third
In Pieces
Uruguayan Gnat Farmer-Arc
Pacific Lights
Light of the World (Music Contest 5 entry)
Unparalleled World

Not great:

Spacemaker 2000
Ghoulies and Ghosties
We Will Not Go Quietly
The Fantasticks Act 1
The Ethereal Plane

Pretty bad:

Echo's Call Remix
SciFi Trade²
Colony Rigel 3
Willy Universe
Jade ~ 2:30 ~
Knights of the Round
Oh! The Suspense!
Aquatic Jive
The Arcturus Theme Sequel
The Arcturus Theme Song
The Unbrunchables
Kryptonite Arsenal
O U T C A S T (my very first song)

Almost unlistenable:

Drum Solo
Apocalyptic Reprisal
Here Am I! Now Grovel!
Cellular Magnetic (my worst song, easily)

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From: arcturus
18:25 on 25th January 2021

So, I uploaded the entirety of my works that were not here already. I decided if this is a mod archive, I might as well archive all my mods here. Even the bad ones, which is most of them. I will never upload "Barney Massacre" however.

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