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I'm Arcturus - I am an artist from the USA who tracked actively between 1996 and 1999. I have lived most of my life in the Pacific Northwest. I started writing with Scream Tracker, later moved on to Impulse Tracker, and did one or two songs on Modplug Tracker. If I were to start tracking again (and I might) I would probably be using Schism Tracker.

I was a member of a group named Shattered Fixtures for about a year, but currently do not belong to any group, nor do I have any interest in joining one.

I don't really track anymore, but this archive contains a few of my well known songs, and the rare new one. I never was known as a legend in the tracking scene, but I have written a few songs which I feel are serviceable.

Please note that a few of the songs I have here are quite lousy. The good ones are the ones in IT format, so download those and don't bother with the s3ms. I don't know who uploaded the s3ms, but since they're here, and I wrote them, I'll claim them with no regrets.

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